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Don Newcombe of the the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954.

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Q: Which black pitcher was first to win rookie of the year?
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Who was the last rookie pitcher to win the Cy Young Award?

The only rookie pitcher to win the Cy Young award was Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. He was also named Rookie of the Year.

Who was NASCAR first rookie of year?

The first NASCAR rookie of the year was Blackie Pitt.

Who was the first Detroit Tiger to win the Rookie Of The Year award?

That was shortstop Harvey Kuenn in 1953. Other Tigers that have won Rookie of the Year are pitcher Mark Fidrych in 1976, second baseman Lou Whitaker in 1978, and pitcher Justin Verlander in 2006.

What pitcher won the 1995 nl rookie of the year?

Hideo Nomo

Who was the first black quarterback to win Rookie of the Year in the NFL?

Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans in 2006.

Who was NFL Rookie of the year in 1953?

No organization gave out a Rookie of the Year award in 1953. The first year that was awarded was 1955.

Who was the first rookie of the year?

Jackie Robinson.

In his first year playing baseball this black person was named Rookie of the Year and hit 12 home runs that year and had a 297 batting range?

Jackie Robinson - 1st ROYJackie Robinson in his rookie season with the Brooklyn Dodgers had a .297 batting average, hit 12 home runs, and was the first winner of the Major League Rookie of the Year Award.

Who won the 2009 AL rookie of the year?

Oakland A's relief pitcher Andrew Bailey was named the American League Rookie of the Year, beating out Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus and Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello for the honor. Bailey finished with 13 first-place votes, compared to eight for Andrus and seven for Porcello.

Who was the first black player on the roster for the New York Yankees?

Elston Howard was the first African American to play for the Yankees. His rookie year was 1955.

What is the MLB record for most strikeouts by a rookie pitcher?

Dwight Gooden of the New York Mets. In Gooden's rookie year, 1984, he struckout 276 batters.

What is the definition of Rookie of the year?

Rookie of the Year is a yearly award given by most sports leagues to the best first year player in the league.

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