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The acro bike is used to clear obstacles but can't clear mud slides, the mach bike is for pure speed and for getting past mud slides. If anything choose the acro bike.

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Q: Which bike is better on ruby?
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Where can you get a bike in ruby version?

You can get it in the bike shop in Mauville City.

Which is the best bike in Pokemon Ruby?

mach bike it is faster

Pokemon Ruby which bike is the best?

It is mach bike because it travels fast unlike archo bike.

What bike can use the small white bridges on Pokemon ruby?

acro bike

How do you get a bike on Pokemon Ruby GBA?

Simply ask the guy in the bike shop.

Where can you buy a bike in Pokemon Ruby?

You can get a bike in Mauville City, to the right of the Pokemon Center.

Where do you get a bike on Pokemon Ruby?

no u need a bike to mavillbo and yhe hm rocksmash

How do you get up the little brown waterfall things in Pokemon ruby?

You can get up the mud slopes using the Mach Bike at full speed in Pokemon Ruby. You can get the Mach Bike by talking to Rydel in the bike shop of Mauville City.

Where can you find a stuntbike in Pokemon Ruby?

the stuntbike in ruby is called an acro bike and you can get it in mauville city

How do you jump on your bike in Pokemon Ruby?

Get an Acro Bike and hold down B while moving.

Where is the acro bike in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The acro bike is only in ruby, sapphire and emerald version.

How do you get rayquasa in Pokemon ruby version for gba?

your right but you need the mach bike not the acro bike because i do it with the mach bike and works for me.

What is a better dirt bike a Honda or a Yamaha?

honda is a better motorcross bike (250 and 450) and yamaha is a better trail bike

Where is the bike shop on Pokemon ruby?

Mauville City.

Where do you get a bike in ruby?

maville city farthest regular building on the right called ridells bike shop

What is better a treadmill or an exercise bike?

A exercise bike is better because you can get hurt on the treadmill but not on the exercise bike.

Where do you get the bike in Pokemon ruby?

in mauville city your choices are a mach bike (very fast but hard to turn) acro bike (a bike that is not very fast but easy to turn and you can do stunts with it)

Which bike is better in emerald?

The Mach bike is better because it is faster than the other bike; but if you like messing around and doing tricks then the other one is better.

How do you get the bike in Ruby?

To get the bike in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emarald, just go to the bike shop in Mauvile city, which is to the right of the Pokemon center in Mauvile city. Talk to the guy on the left he will give you two choices, a Mach bike(goes faster but is harder to control) and an acro bike(goes slower, but can do wheelies, bunny hops, and can go across metal beams. Choose which bike you want and he'll give it to you.

Where do you get a bike in Pokemon ruby?

in mauville city after you have helped rydel

Where to get a bike in pokemon ruby?

Next to the pokemon center in Mauville

How do get to fortree city on ruby?

get on bike and jump ofer the hedge

What is better a trek bike or a next bike?

A Trek Bike.

What is better a phone or a bike?


How do you cross the bridge in the safari zone in ruby?

you have to have a acro bike if you don't know how to use one go to the bike store get the bike and read the manual in the back