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Q: Which became a professional sport first football or baseball?
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Is football or baseball older in the US?

In the United States, technically baseball is the older professional sport. By 1856 baseball was considered to be the national past time. In 1857, the first professional baseball teams were established. Professional football did not make its debut until 1892.

How old is professional football?

The first professional league of American football was formed in 1920.

Who was president when Jackie Robinson became the 1st African American to play professional baseball?

Harry Truman was in the White House when Robinson became the first African-American to play professional baseball in the modern era.

What is the oldest professional baseball team in America?

Cincinnati Reds (originally known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings), who became the first fully professional baseball team in 1869.

What sport was invented first baseball or footballl?

According to Wikipedia, "The earliest known reference to baseball is in a 1744 British publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book" whilst American Football can be traced back to the mid 19th Century (1850-ish) as an evolution if association football (soccer) and rugby.As far as professional baseball and football go, professional baseball traces back to the 1850s played by organised baseball clubs, whilst wikipedia has this to say on professional football: "origin of professional football can be traced back to 1892, with William "Pudge" Heffelfinger's $500 contract to play in a game for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. The first Professional "league" was the Ohio League, formed in 1903, and the first Professional Football championship game was between the Buffalo Prospects and the Canton Bulldogs in 1919."

When did baseball become a professional sport?

In 1869, the Cincinnati Baseball Club, better known as the Red Stockings, became the first all professional team. Two years later the National Association, the first major league of baseball, was formed.

When did football orignate?

William Pudge had the first professional football contract in 1892. The American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920.

What was first invented first football or baseball?


What was pennsylvanias first professional football team?

the packers

Who were the first professional football teams?

Staleys - cardinals

What was invented first football or baseball?


What came first baseball or football?

Shmeny answered:Baseball- There was a story about a man named Abner Doubleday who invented baseball in 1839. However this is no evidence supporting this claim. Some others say that baseball was invented in 1792 in England... played with wood for bats and cans for balls.Football- NFL football is a descendant of rugby football which was imported to the United States from Canada in 1874. After a few transformations it became what it is today. Professional football in the US dates back to at least 1892.Based on loose information, I'm going to guess that baseball came first, then football.Which_came_first_baseball_or_football

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