What sport came from football?

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Football didnt have any sport come from it however, Football came from a sport known as Rugby.

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Q: What sport came from football?
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What sport came first football or rugby?


What is the national sport in Denmark?

Football, English workers came to Denmark in the mid-late 1800's. And came with the football to Denmark. And led it to be the National Sport of DK

What sport was first football or soccer?

there both the same sport but the name football came firstAnswer'Soccer' or 'Association Football' is just one of a group of games known as football.

What sport came first American football or rugby?


Saudi Arabia history sport?

Football is there history sport Football is there history sport Football is there history sport

Can you give me some interesting about ballet?

It placed as the hardest sport in the world. Football came in third, that's where the saying "If ballet was any easier it would be football." came from.

Which sport is better soccer or football?

soccer cause it can keep you healthy it is not too big of a challenge and football came from soccer ---- what he said.

Who inventend tackle football?

Tackle football is a derivative of the same sport that rugby came from. Who specifically invented the game and where has never been discovered.

How do you say my faverouite sport is football in french?

My favorite sport is Football. = Mon sport préféré est le football!

What is the national sport in Jordan?

football is the national sport. Football is another popular sport their. By football I think it is meaning soccer.

Was basketball invented before football?

Whether you are referring to American Football or Association Football, the answer is no. Dr. James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891, the sport of American Football was introduced 2 years earlier in 1889, and Association Football (or soccer) came about approximately half a century before that.

When did American football become a sport?

Yes, American Football is a sport.

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