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Sachin tendulkar & he leads others by miles

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sachin tendulkar... 43 odi centuries as on 18th march 2009. and still more to come..

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Q: Which batasman hit the most centeuery in oneday international cricket?
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Sachin second oneday match in international cricket?

He scored a hundred in his second oneday match in international cricket.

Which is tha country highest scored in oneday international cricket?

Srilankan Team

Who is the father of oneday cricket?

sachin tendulkar

Maximum run getter in oneday cricket?

sachin tendulkar

Who is the highest run scorer in a single over in oneday international cricket?

Herchelle Gibbs 36 (666666) v Netherlands 2007 World Cup in ODIs

Who is called as the 'fastest batsman' in oneday international cricket matches?

the player who had scored on an averege more than 55 is the fastest player in odi eg:- m. bevan (aus)

Which cricket player has got maximum man of the match in oneday?

sachin tendulkar

How many half centuries has made by sachin tendulkar in oneday cricket?


Highest centuries in oneday cricket?

sachin offcourse who is this idot to ask these kinds of questions

Who scrored the fastest 100 in oneday international?

shahid afridi