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womens Basketball Tennessee

mens basketball Memphis

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Q: Which basketball team leads the NCAA in winning percentage?
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What NCAA men's basketball coaches have the best winning percentage?

Clairvoyant bee

What coaches have the highest winning percentage in NCAA basketball?

mark few for gonzaga is in the top 5

Who are the top 10 teams in winning percentage in ncaa division 1 basketball in the 1990's?

#1 kansas

What do NCAA basketball champions get for winning?


What Grafton native has the highest winning percentage of all NCAA Division 1 basketball coaches?

Clair Francis Bee

What NCAA Division I mens basketball team has the highest home court winning percentage?

The Gonzaga?æNCAA Division I Men's Basketball team has the highest home court winning percentage. After the 2013 -2014 season, Gonzaga has won 137 home court games or .9384 percentage.

Which NCAA division I men's basketball team has the most home court wins?

i believe it is Kentucky they have a 90% winning percentage at Rupp Arena.

What is the current longest winning streak in the NCAA basketball tournament?


Which mens basketball team has the most NCAA tournament wins without ever winning it all?

Which mens basketball team has made the most NCAA tournament appearances without winning a championship?Notre Dame

What does the winning team of the NCAA men's basketball tournament get?

Trophy and national championship

What is the longest winning streak in NCAA Men's College Basketball?

7 wins

What is the longest win streak in the history of men's NCAA basketball?

The longest winning streak in men's NCAA basketball is 88 games by UCLA from 1971-1974.

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