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Derrick rose

o.j mayo

kosta kufus

kevin durant

michael beasley

john wall

tyreke evans


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Q: Which basketball players only played one year of college basketball?
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Where you can find Nike basketball knee pads?

Their only for exclusive players example:ntop high school basketball players, college athletes , and Nba players

Do college basketball players get payed?

No.Yes only when they win the game.

What are the chances of becoming a pro athlete in basketball?

1/100 basketball players only 3/100 play division 1 college basketball

How many players are allowed by the NCAA on a men's college basketball team?

13 scholarship players but no limit on walk ons

What is the average number of players per college basketball team?

5 players on the floor and up to 12 on the team in college. 15 on the roster in the NBA but only 12 can dress for a game.

What percentage of female basketball players who play in college make it to WNBA?

none. -_- this is correct but not because women aren't good basketball players. It's because the NBA is for men only. Women play in the WNBA: Women's National Basketball Association

Did BJ Raji play basketball in college?

No, BJ Raji only played basketball till his sophomore year in highschool.

How many men are on a college basketball team?

There can only be 13 scholarship players on a Division 1 team and 10 on a Division 2 team.

Who are the Best players in basketball?

only haaris naeem is the best basketball player

Why was Larry Bird not in the USA Olympic basketball team of 1984?

FIBA, the international basketball governing body, did not allow NBA players to participate in the Olympics until the 1992 Games in Barcelona. U.S Olympic basketball teams, prior to the 1992 Games, were made up of college players only.

How much school do college basketball players miss?

not much. they usually only miss shool if they have practices or a game, but even then that usually happens in the evening

Does the height of a basketball ring vary depending on the age of the players?

no it is the same from college to pro. but junior high and high school are only 10ft i think.