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Q: Which baseball team plays its home games in a forgien country Pittsburgh pirates Texas rangers tornoto blue jays New York Yankees?
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What should you do if you come back from a forgien country and you are ill?

consult your doctor

What is forgien yoke mean?

Slavery and subservience.

How john maccain feels about national security?

note, he is from a forgien country, panama, the us could become new panama under his control

How do you spell forgien?

This is likely the word forgiven (pardoned, excused, absolved).

What are the functions of the lymph node?

To help protect the body by removing forgien material

Can motivate forgien direct investment?

There are many factors that motivate foreign direct investment. The main point of motivation is the competitiveness to obtain the foreign direct investments within each developing country.

During the cold war the US forgien policy of containment consisted of?

answer is A. wars and covert operations

Is Hyundai an inexpensive car?

no there cheapest things you can buy i wouldn't recommand those forgien cars

What is forgien policy?

self-interest strategies chosen by the state to safeguard its national interests and to achieve its goals

Who is the electoral college voters?

national security is a basic goal of America forgien policy. what is the real word for the sentence

Why did Carter call the energy crisis the moral equivalent of war?

he felt the united states was to dependant on forgien oil

Which two members of George Washington's cabinet disagreed about forgien and domestic policies?

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

What policy approach did diplomat George Kennan recommend the US take to combat the Soviet Union?

U.s forgien policy

Where to get the national dex in Pokemon sapphire version?

i think you have to get a forgien Pokemon like crobat. and i think it'll update it self

Who is the forgien minister of India?

The current Indian Foreign Minister is S. M. Krishna. He has had this position since 22 May 2009.

Chest x-ray will be done at exhale or inhale breath?

Xrays will be done at exhalation for Pneumothorax, inhaled forgien bodies, and after bronchs

How the body encounter a foreign body?

See what happen is they give you a humungo shot in your butt then your a forgien body. Then it hurts really bad :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

What are some good topics for a yearbook page?

Try a student job page, feature story about a forgien exchange student, or even a sibling page.

Is Mexico City a foreign city?

it depends on where you live. if u live in Mexico, no. but for the US, it would be considered a forgien city. so ya it depends

What are the positives of nationalism?

Nationalism is a hard topic to decide if it is good or bad, although it can bring about dictators like Hitler and Napoleon, Nationalism does have it's good traits. For example; In sports a whole nation can be brought together to cheer for their country's team. People who would normally be competitors join forces to cheer for one cause. This is like in any competition, but the main focus is that it can be used as a tool to bring people together. This also creates pride in one's country, fueling confidence. When one goes travelling to a forgien land why do they put a Canadian, or American flag on their rucksack? Because their proud to display that their part of that country. In this way, nationalism influences confidence. Also, I'm sure as many others have, when travelling to another country, if one happens to encounter another citizen of your country in that forgien place you and that parson feel immediatley bonded. This is also another positive occurance. Nationalism also makes the wellbeing of one's nation important and aids in economic advances.

What to do if your poo is yellow?

Depending on age group, if a baby its perfectly normal.. if you have just came back of holiday and you have been to a forgien country then the brown colouring will start to appear in a few days this is because you have been eating different food to what you are usually used to, :) If not any of these- keep visiting the toilet and take vitamin C (oranges, or vitamin tablets) Hope this helped :) xX

To what extent did john curtain's labor government give Australia an independent foreign policy as a result of curtains statement of 27 December 1941?

several historains have argued that john curtain's speech of dec 27 1941 and his insisitance on the ruteurn of the 7th division marked a significant change in austrialan forgien policy.Answerseveral historains have argued that john curtain's speech of dec 27 1941 and his insisitance on the ruteurn of the 7th division marked a significant change in austrialan forgien policy.

Why are all cute emo boys Forgien?

Omg it always seems like they are foreign or from a different school. I'm emo and the only emo guy in my town dropped out of high school after three weeks as a junior. But he's really hot lol.

What was the forgien policy statement delivered by president James Monroe?

The Monroe Doctrine. It established the United States as a regional power over the western hemisphere. In essence letting the European countries know that their influence in the Americas was over. It was a main point of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

What are the advantages of multinational cooperations in the developing countries?

the advatages are: 1) Multinaltionals provide much neede investments in the Caribbean economies2) they are valuable source of taxation, revenue and forgien exchange3) they create employment4)They encourage positive work ethics5)allows access to markets already created