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Jose Reyes

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Q: Which baseball player is fastest Jose Reyes Ichiro Susuki Jose Reyes?
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Fastest baseball player?

ichiro is the fastest

Who is the Japanese baseball player on the mariners?


Who is better albert pujols or ichiro?

Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball, so that means he is better than ichiro

Who was a Japanese Baseball player with the last name starting with the letter I?


What Major League Baseball player has the infield hits?

Ichiro Suzuki

When and where was baseball player Ichiro Suzuki born?

Ichiro Suzuki was born October 22, 1973, in Nichi Kasugai-gun, Aichi, Japan.

Who is the fastest baseball player in 2010?

ichiro suzuki height 5'11 dob:10/22/73 born: Tokyo japan team: major league baseball's seattle mariners

A professional baseball player that plays inthe US and is from japan?

Ichiro Suzuki

Who is the best player player in Major League Baseball?

of course it has to be ICHIRO SUZUKI

Who is the fastest baseball player in the world?

Probably a toss up between a few players... Brett Gardner of the NYY Yankees is really fast, as is Carl Crawford of the Rays. Ichiro Suzuki probably used to be the fastest for many years, but he is older now, so I'm sure he's slowed down some.

What are baseball player Ichiro Suzuki's physical stats?

Ichiro Suzuki is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 170 pounds. He bats left and throws right.

Who is the fastest player in the major leagues?

Some suggestions: Jacoby Elsbury , Carl Crawford, Joey Gathwright, Justin Upton, Jose Reyes, Ichiro Suzuki.

What major league baseball player collected the most hits during the 2000's?


Ichiro Suzuki what is his nickname?

Other than Ichiro, he does not have a common nickname. By the way, he is the only Major League baseball player who has his first name only on his jersey. All others have their last name on their jerseys.

How do you create ichiro in MLB 07 the show?

go to create a player and name him Ichiro

Is Rajai Davis the fastest player in baseball?


Who is the fastest player on the redsox baseball team?

Jacoby Ellsbury is definitely the fastest person.

Who is the most famous baseball player in the world?

Ichiro_Suzuki">Ichiro Suzuki

Does Ichiro Suzuki bat right or left?

MLB player Ichiro Suzuki bats left.

Does Ichiro Suzuki throw right or left?

MLB player Ichiro Suzuki throws right.

How much does Ichiro Suzuki weigh?

MLB player Ichiro Suzuki weighs 172 pounds.

Who is the fastest baseball player on the Phillies 2012?


Who is the fastest player on the angels baseball team?


Who is the best player on the Mariners?


Who is the fastest Major League Baseball player?

Miachel Jordan