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tennis ball because a tennis ball is softer and that makes it lose it's bounce first

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Q: Which ball loses it's bounce first between a tennis ball and a raqcuet ball?
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How high will a tennis ball bounce on the tenth bounce?

If you drop it from a certain height the first bounce will be ideally about 90% of height, at best, on a smooth hard surface, or 0.9 h. On the tenth bounce it is 0.9 to the 10th power or about 35%,or 0.35 h.

How are table tennis and tennis alike and different?

table tennis is obviously played on a table and tennis is not. they have some of the same rules, but tennis has tramlines, so, in other words, table tennis' court doesnt change from doubles and singles and the singles does. also the scoring is different. table tennis is frist to 21 points and tennis it is first to 6 games. they are alike as they are both played with a raquet and a ball that you can hit before the bounce or after the bounce but 2 bounces and you have lost the point. they both use points in scoring but differently. both great games to play and good for fitness

Can players pick up balls lying on their court as quickly as possible after each point in tennis?

No, it's not allowed, once the ball drops to the ground its over. unless the ball does a first bounce or second bounce.

How is Table Tennis played?

it's basically like tennis, except it is played on the table. also the ball and the bat is smaller. Also when you serve the ball, it has to bounce on your side first, and you can't hit the ball on the full.

In tennis on return of the serve the receiver must hit the ball in how many bounces?

The ball must be hit after the first bounce, otherwise the server gets the point.

How do you win a point in table tennis?

To win a point at table tennis you need to make the ball bounce on your opponents side of the table, without it having bounced on your side first. If your opponent cannot return the shot in the same manner, you win the point.

What mathematical equation can be used to calculate the ratio between the drop height and the first bounce height?

Dh / bh

Where was the game tennis first introduced to?

Tennis was introduced first in France.

Was Arthur Ashe the first black person on tennis?

No he was not the first black men to play tennis. Though he was the first black man to win the Us open tennis. But I will try to find the first black man to play tennis.

Which country was first to play tennis?

England is the first country to play tennis

What surface was tennis first played on?

The first surface tennis was played on was grass

How old are new bounce from britains got talent?

Between 13 and 16.i think first is mitchell,kuan,mj,james

In table tennis how you decide who serves first?

Either you could flip a coin or decide it between you and your opponent.

How To Make A Egg Bounce?

Don't quote me on this, but I think it'll bounce if you hard-boil it first.

Who was the first to play tennis?

Tennis was first played by Major Walter C. Wingfeild

First black tennis player?

Arthur Ashe is the first black tennis player.

Why do tennis players bounce their balls before serving?

for strategy, think, and it is there preference There is no documentation as who was the first person to do this and give example but it has to be done after the latest changes in the ball. The first balls before the 1800 century were of leather containing lime. This custom is not from the begginings of the games stablished in France since the 13th century. It has to come from the days of the last change the tennis ball had since the sport was stablished. As to why Is more logical to think that tennis players have followed the example of an outstanding player but we have no way on documenting this.

When was tennis first played in Australia?

who frist played tennis? What year did tennis start?

How many times will a basketball bounce if dropped from 20 feet?

If properly inflated, it will bounce 8 times. Each bounce rebounds about 70%, so 14 feet on the first bounce, then about 10 on the second, etc. until the ball is bigger than the bounce.

When did Althea Gibson start playing in tennis competitions?

She probaly started after her first tennis match a year later after she took her first tennis lessons.

Who was the first one to play tennis?

We don't know who the first two people to play tennis were, but the first tennis player whose name we know is King Louis X of France.

What year was tennis first in the Olympics?

In first hit the headlines that tennis was in the Olympics was in the year of 1896.

When was tennis established?

Tennis was first played in the era of Henry VIII, 1500s. As indoor tennis.

What country was the first to have the sport tennis?

The french invented tennis

What came first tennis for two or pong?

Tennis for two