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According to an experiment for a school assignment that I for maths,a rubber ball bounces higher than a tennis ball- well the balls that I used. Here is a table in which I collected my data. These balls were dropped from one (1) meter, the bounce back has been recorded. I hope this will help you! :)

Test No.

Rubber Ball

Tennis Ball

Test 1



Test 2



Test 3



Test 4



Test 5



Test 6



Test 7



Test 8



Test 9



Test 10






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tennis ball because a tennis ball is softer and that makes it lose it's bounce first

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Q: Which ball bounces the highest a tennis ball or a rubber ball?
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What ball bounces the highest baseball basketball tennis ball volley ball soccer ball?

I think a basket ball bounces the highest.

What ball bounces the highest Basketball Tennis ball Baseball Volleyball?

the ball that actually bounces the highest is a basket ball i tested it for school :)

What ball bounces the hightest out of a Tennis ball basketball and a soccer ball?

A tennis ball typically bounces the highest out of a tennis ball, a basketball, and a soccer ball due to its lower weight and higher air pressure compared to the other balls.

Which ball bounce highest?

A tennis ball typically bounces the highest due to its low mass and high elasticity. The rubber material and air-filled structure of a tennis ball allow it to rebound quickly and with more energy compared to other types of balls.

Which ball bounces higher. golf ball hockey ball tennis ball or cricket ball?

Its a fat foot ball tennis ball my balls bounce the highest

Which ball bounces the highest tennis ball or sponge ball or plastic golf ball or handball?

I believe the tennis ball would bounce the highest if you were to put equal force on each ball and throw it to the ground.I don't know exactly why, but I tested this once, and it seems the tennis ball bounces the highest because of the fact that it has the most air pressure inside of it.

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

The highest bouncing ball in the world is the Superball. It is made of a synthetic rubber compound that allows it to bounce incredibly high, reaching heights of up to 92 feet when dropped from a helicopter.

What ball bounces hightest tennis ball softball basketball?

Tennis ball

Which ball bounces the highest tennis basketball or golf ball?

golf balls because there heavier in weight adnd because there smaller in size

Golf ball or tennis ball witch bounces higher?

A tennis ball does bounce higher!!!:]] x

What type of balls bounces the highest?

No ball bounces higher than others. There are different ball for different surfaces and it depends on what surface you are on (clay, hard, or grass). The ball will bounce higher on hard then it does on clay or grass. -tennis player

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball