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Q: Which athlet has broken milka singhs38 year old record of the 400 m sprint?
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Which athlete has broken Milkha Singh's 38 year old record in the 400m sprint?

Paramjeet Singh broke his record by 0.03 seconds bringing the record from 45.73 to 45.70

What is the world record for man and woman 100 meter sprint?

World record 100m sprint for a man is 9.69, by Usain Bolt... World record 100m sprint for a man is 9.69, by Usain Bolt... World record 100m sprint for a man is 9.69, by Usain Bolt... World record 100m sprint for a man is 9.69, by Usain Bolt...

What is a AE equipment non-return fee for sprint?

This is a fee charged from Sprint when they replace your broken phone/device, and you do not return the broken/damaged one.

Fastest 100 meter sprint for a 9 year old girl?

The world record for a 9-10 year old girl back in 1990 was 12.80 and yet to be broken...

World record 100m sprint men?

The world record for mens 100m sprint is 9.58s by Usain Bolt (JAM) in 2009 in Berlin.

What is the record for the male 100 meater sprint?

the time for the world record 100m sprint is 9.58 seconds archived by Usain Bolt of Jamaica

What is the 200m sprint record for the mens olympic record?


Womens world record for 100m sprint?

The world record for women completing the 100 meter sprint is 10.49 seconds. The record was set by an American named Florence Griffith-Joyner in 1988.

Who is the hundred meter sprint record holder?

James Loccrat broke the record for the 100m sprint in 2006 at the Hong Kadh Olympics which was held in Hong Kong.

Will anyone beat Usain Bolt in the 100-meter sprint?

History says that every record is eventually broken; though in Usain Bolt's case, that probably won't happen anytime soon.

What is theworld record for the 100m sprint?


What is the world record 200m sprint?


Who broke the 100m sprint record?

Usain Bolt has the men's record, and Florence Griffith-Joyner has the women's record.

What is the womens 100m sprint record?

The record is 10.49 have fun trying to beat that time :)

What is the 200metre sprint record?

It's 19.32 by American Michael Johnson, soon to be broken by Usain Bolt of Jamaica 8/16/2008. The record of 19.32s has been successfully broken by Usain Bolt on 18 August 2008 on the Beijing Olympics 2008 at 19.30s. Usain Bolt lowered his own time in 19.30 to 19.19 in 2009.

Is the 50m world record sprint held by maurice green?

That's Donovan Baileys Record! Green has the 60m record

What is the world record for track cycling sprint?


What is the world record for 30 meter sprint?


What is the 80 meter sprint record?


What is the Olympic 100 meters sprint record?

For men Usain Bolt's 9.63 in London in 2012 is the record.

Can you record videos on a Katana Sanyo Sprint phone?

no you can't record videos on the sanyo katana phone

How long does sprint and metro pcs keep a record of text messages?

Sprint keeps them for 2 weeks...I'm not sure about metro..

Who is the current women's 100m sprint olympic record holder?

Florence Griffith-Joyner has held on to her world record since 1988. Her sprint time was 10.49 seconds. Meanwhile Usain Bolt from Jamaica holds the Men's record of 9.58 seconds since 2012.

Womens World record for the 400 meter sprint?


Who holds the olympic record for 200m sprint?

Usain Bolt.