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Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Part 2

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Q: Which artist performs the Kansas City Chiefs theme song?
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Which artist performs Orlando Jordan's theme music?

Who cares he got fired

What artist performs the theme song to Phineas and Ferb?

The group Bowling for Soup

What musical group plays the Kansas City Chiefs theme song?

Tony DiPardo and his T.D. Pack Band

Who performs Kane's current theme?

If your talking about his 2005-2009 theme it's called, slow chemical by finger eleven. if your talking about his 2009-2011 theme its called man on fire (orchastra theme) by unknown artist.

Who performs the theme song for the boondocks cartoon?

Answer The opening theme song used in the series (slightly remixed for the second season) is performed by hip hop artist Asheru.

What is the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network theme song that is played during commercial and halftime breaks?

I think it was written by Dan Israel. He is a songwriter in addition to producer. He also wrote that song about the Chiefs back in the 90's. It was awesome, but I can't find copies of any of that stuff.

Who performs the Comedy Inc theme song?

A Canadian alternative rock band by the name of Headstones performs the Comedy Inc. theme song. The song is called Come On.

What was the theme song played on Kansas City Chiefs radio network back in the 90s?

Song was written by producer Dan Israel, who is a music composer and producer. You could buy it at Best Buy for awhile, but I haven't seen it in a long time. Israel still works the games. You might be able to reach him through KCFX or the Chiefs.

Who performs Kane's theme song?

My chemical by finger eleven. But that may be his older theme song

Who is the artist of the NWO theme song?

The nWo Wolfpac theme artist is C-Murder of No Limit Records

Who performs the theme song for CSI Las Vegas?

The Who

What is Johncena entrance theme song and who performs it?

he sings it

Who performs the theme song of Blossom?

Dr. John

Who performs the theme song for the Gilmore Girls?

The theme song is sung by Carole King and Louise Goffin

Who performs Criminal Minds theme?

There is no performer; the theme is simply electric guitars playing no song in particular.

Who performs theme tune for n.c.i.s?


Which band performs the theme song from South Park?


Which band performs the theme song for south park?


Who performs the theme song to Top Gear?

The Allman Brothers

Who performs the theme to Top Gear?

The Allman Brothers - Jessica.

Who performs the theme song for Ally McBeal?

Vonda Shepard

Who performs Jeff Jarrett's TNA entrance theme?

Dale Oliver preforms Jeff Jarrett's entrance theme.

Who performs theme song for king of queens?

Billy Vera and the Beaters

Who performs the theme song to How I met your mother?

"Hey Beautiful" by The Solids

Who performs new eharmony theme song?

I think it was made for the commercial