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There isn't any, unless you count Robin van Persie who moved to Arsenal that year...

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Q: Which arsenal player is the only arsenal player to have played in the league during the invincibles season?
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Who is the only current arsenal squad member to have played in the league during the 'invincibles' season?


How many times did Arsenal football club win the champion league?

Arsenal like Chelsea have played a final but not won a champion league as yet.

How many semi finals has arsenal played in champions league?

Arsenal have only reached the semi finals of the Champions league twice. They reached the stage in 2006 and 2009.

Which 3 clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for in the premier league and champions league?

Liverpool chelsea arsenal

How many time has arsenal played Barcelona in champions league?

56 times

What premier league clubs have played in every season?

It has to be Arsenal, Gunners for Life.

Who did Sol Cambpell play for in a Champions League final?

He played for Arsenal against Barcelona in the 2006 Champions League final, he scored the first goal, but Arsenal eventually lost out 2-1.

What Italian footballers have played for Arsenal?

In the Premier League era, only two Italians have played one or more league games for Arsenal; Arturo Lupoli - 2005/06 Vito Mannone - 2008/09

Who played for both arsenal and Liverpool in the premier league?

One of the players who played for both arsenal and Liverpool is Nikolas Anelka ( also played for chelsea , West Brom ) Another Player is Yossi Bennoyoun

What is arsenal's biggest ever defeat?

Arsenal's heaviest ever defeat was: Loughborough Town 8-0 Arsenal in a Second Division league match, played on the 12th December 1896.

Did Barcelona ever play Arsenal in a champions league final?

In the year 2006 Barcelona played and defeated Arsenal by two goals to one in the final.

Who did sol cambpell play for and against in champions league final?

played for arsenal and it was against Barcelona