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Athletes which also had the most events

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Q: Which area had the most countries competing in the 2012 Olympics?
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Are there any athletes from Houston area competing in the Olympics?

Are there any athletes from houston area competing in the olympics?

What are the smallest countries competing in the Olympics?

The smallest at the 2008 Games will be Monaco which has an area of 1.95 square km.

What area of London has been refurbished for the Olympics?

East Londons Stratford's 200acr sight was refurbished for the 2012 London Olympics, please refer to 2012-summer-olympics

Which is the smallest country taking part in the Olympics?

The smallest country, in area, that will compete at the 2012 Games in London is Monaco which has an area of 2 square km.

Can any city host the winter Olympics?

Subject to certain Intrnational Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines, any major city can apply to host the Summer Games. However, locations for the Winter Olympics, which require extensive ice and snow, are much more restrictive as regards available area, climate, and access (Innsbruck, the site of the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012, had to haul in snow for the Olympics in 1964). Because the Games are expensive, rules now limit host countries to those that would likely not suffer adverse impact from bearing the immense costs. This effectively prevents developing countries from hosting a Winter Olympics.

What is the Definition of competition?

two animals in an environment competing over a specific area

What impact does the London 2012 Olympics have on Chesterfield?

Almost none. Possibly the Torch relay will be passing close, and possibly some of the Olympic football will be played in the area.

What is the scientific definition of competition?

two animals in an environment competing over a specific area

Where in London are the 2012 Olympics?

The focus of the London 2012 Games will be the Olympic Park in east London. The Park is located in the Lower Lea Valley - an area of great untapped potential. After the Games the area will be transformed into the largest urban park created in Europe for more than 150 years.

What is the area of Nordic countries?

The area of Nordic countries is 3,501,721 square kilometers.

What are the countries in Caribbean area?

many countries

When two animals live in the same area and depend on the same organism for food they are?

competing. as simple as that!

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