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dirt bikes !

Although skate boards are good, bikes are funner and alot esyer to do jumps and tricks on but long mid boards, like z man and sector 9 are really funn

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Q: Which are better dirt bikes or skateboards?
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Why is skateboards better than bikes?

Skateboards are better because you can go faster and it is portable

Is dirt bikes better than skateboards?

Hell Yeah I just completed a 720 derees twist it was sick Omg So awsome

Which is better skateboard or dirt bike?

It all depends on what person(s) answer. I prefer the skateboard, light-weight. And uses up no gas. Dirt-bikes are only aloud in dirt-bike riding areas, skateboards can be used for transportation. Dirt-bikes are NOT aloud for transportation in some states.

Are mini bikes like dirt bikes?

no there not dirt bike is better

What are the differences of dirt bikes and race cars?

whats better dirt bikes or race cars

Are there more accidents on bikes or skateboards?


Are Honda dirt bikes better that kawasaki dirt bikes?

They both are very good bikes, but if i had to choose i would buy a Kawasaki.

Do bmx bikes use the same bearings as skateboards?

No. Skateboards and inline skates all have cartridge bearings, while a lot of bikes have cup & cone bearings. For those bikes that do have cartridge bearings, their axles are thicker than skateboards/skates.

Is there a difference in dirt bikes and bikes?

yes, dirt bikes are motorized

Which came first dirt bikes or motorcycles?

dirt bikes

Are horses better then dirt bikes?

Well that depends on which one you like better now doesn't it?

Are element skateboards better then blind skateboards?

element skateboards are better than blind skateboards.