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Q: Which answer best estimates the dollar amount of scholarships provided to players by bowling yearly?
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What is the name of the bowling league where players play individually?

The name of the bowling league where players play individually is called a singles league.

In Lawn Bowling can A grade players compete against B grade players?

how do they grade players

How many professinal sports players get scholarships?

A lot

How many baseball scholarships can a division one school have on its roster at one time?

On a Division 1 college baseball team there are 11.7 scholarships. Who many players scholarships or not can be on that team?

Can a single lane be used for 2 players in bowling?

Of course.

What is a sentence with the word stratify in it?

the bowling league was stratified into "A" players, with high averages, and "B" players, with lower ones.

What is lawn bowling?

Lawn Bowling is different from the US term "bowling." In lawn bowling, players stand on a green and roll palm sized balls towards a jack or kitty rather than down a lane towards pins such as in tenpin bowling. See related links below.

Which sport do players compete for the Leonard trophy?

It is the sport of Scottish Bowling.

Why is it called baker bowling system?

The scoring system was named after Frank K. Baker who designed the system in the 1950s. In doubles, the team players take turns in bowling frames instead of bowling separate games.

What has been the sport with the most money for scholarship?

I've heard that football has the most with tons of full scholarships to offer to a lot of players. Baseball for example only offers partial scholarships to most of the time and that to only a few players unless there is someone they really need.

How many division 2 schoolarships can football teams have?

Division II allows 36 scholarship equivalencies. That means those 36 scholarships may be divided among the players (Division I-FBS programs are allowed to give a scholarship of any kind to 85 players, so in effect, all 85 get full scholarships; Division I-FCS are allowed 63 equivalencies that can be divided among no more than 85 total players; Division III does not allow scholarships).

How many players can play bowling?

At most, 8 players on each team.