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Greece Established The First Olympic Games In 776 B.C. In Honor Of One Of Their Gods, Zeus. The First Olympic Games Were Held In Olympia, Greece, Not Mount Olympus (As Some People Are Saying....)

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Which ancient country invented the olympic game back in 776 bce?
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What is the importance of the ancient greek Olympics?

Ancient Greece is very important in the olympic games because the back in the time of olive prixes greeks were the peoplwe that invented the olympic games which are now carrying on.

What country were the Ancient Olympic Games held in back in 776 BC?

They were held in Olympia which is in Greece

What is the summer Olympic sports?

Its a series of national games held every 4 years where ever country in the world submites their top athletic competitors in their country to the olympic games to compete against other countries for a metel. The olympic games were invented in ancient Greece but lost until people came together back in the late 1800s to start them again.

In which country was the door invented?

It is unclear exactly when and in which country the door was invented. Many believe it to have been invented in ancient Egypt for use in their tombs. There has been a door dating back 5,000 years found in Switzerland.

Did the ancient Olympics have the Olympic rings?

No,they did not have it back then.

Who invented a back handspring?

The ancient Egyptians invented the back handspring. Later on, the Greeks adopted it.

What country do chairs come from?

Nobody knows who originally invented the chair but there are examples dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

What did women do in olympic games in ancient Greece?

Back in Acient Greece women were not allowed in the olympic games only men.

Who invented the back hand spring?

Handsprings are done in the sport of gymnastics. Ancient records and research suggest that handsprings were invented by the ancient Egyptians.

When was lantern invented?

Lanterns have been around since ancient times and date back to ancient Greece. Therefore, when it was invented and by whom is not known.

What country inspired the Olympic Games to be brought back?


In what year did the ancient Olympic Games begin?

The first Olympics dates back to 776 B.C.

What are the reason the modern Olympic games differ from the ancient Olympic games?

If you mean the ancient Olympic games in Rome or Italy where ever it was then it is because they would compete naked to make sure they weren't a girl( because back then girls weren't allowed to compete in Olympic games) and it was also in the same place unlike nowadays.

Who invented the tweezers?

Tweezers are a device which date back to ancient times. Because of this, it is impossible to say who invented them.

When was the game Knuckle-bones invented?

It is unknown. It is of very ancient origin though. Back to the ancient Roman times.

Where did cross country skiing originate?

The Olympic sport of cross country skiing is one of the oldest in the Winter Olympic games. The origins of the sport can be traced back to the end of the nineteenth century in Norway.

Who invented capital punishment?

Capital punishment dates back to ancient times

What asian country was back gammon invented in?


Who invented discus throw?

Discus was one of the first events in the Olympic games back in the Greek times. It has been modified by multiple people, but initially the Greeks invented it

When was plumbing invented?

There are many examples of plumbing dating back to ancient times in Babylon.

Who invented the shower head?

The Ancient Greeks. Nobody can trace it back to ONE person

When did Greeks make the Olympics?

According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC.

What country invented olympic games?

Greece invented theOlympic games back in the early 700 BC, in honour of Zeus. It was held only for Greek nationals, and no women could attend. It was held in Olympia. The first day they sacrificed 100 oxen, and athletes prayed and also made small sacrifices of their own.

Where and when was football invented?

There are many types of Football with origins reaching as far back as Ancient Greece.

What is some information on the olympic relay race?

The Olympic relay race goes all the way back to the beginning of the Olympic games in Ancient Greece. This type of race where a baton was carried and passed off to another was a way for competition between regions to be run.