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The lowest age it 18 to play on the reserve team if drafted to play.

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Q: Which age to playing football in football club?
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Football club playing with mfg logo?

the age to play as a reserve with the football team playing with fmg logo is18 years and above.

When did Portsmouth Football Club start playing football?

Portsmouth Football Club was found on the 5th April 1898.

What does club level mean in football?

It means which club level you are playing in.

Is cafu still playing football?

Yes Cafu is still playing football for a club in Brazil.

When did aguero start playing football in Manchester city football club?


Football player christiano ronaldo is playing for which club in present?

Christiano Ronaldo now plays his club football at Real Madrid

Which football club does Cristiano Ronaldo play for?

In the 2010 season Christiano Ronaldo is playing his club football at Real Madrid in Spain.

What age did Cristiano Ronaldo start playing football?

at the age of 10

What age did Brett favre start playing football?

age 4

What got Kaka into football?

he started playing football at the age of 4 because he got a football for Christmas and never stopped playing with it

Which football club did Tagore take to shantiniketan for playing?

The Gregor Jazz

How can you play in an English football club?

If you mean how to get a contract , you need to go to trails play for a local football team and you will get noticed i started playing for a football club when i was 7 now i am good at football.

Is everton fc the oldest club in England?

No Sheffield Wednesday is the oldest club playing football in the world

What age did Nathan buckley started playing football?

At 30 years of age

What age did Wayne Rooney start playing soccer?

Wayne Rooney has been playing soccer (football) since at least 1994, when he joined the club Everton. It is likely he had been playing soccer for a few years beforehand.

What does Steven Gerrard do for a living?

By playing as a footballer for L.F.C.(Liverpool Football Club)

When is the right age to stop playing club penguin?

when you feel it!

When did David Beckham start playing football?

age 3

When did Cristiano Ronaldo start playing football?

at the age of 18

What age do premiership footballers stop playing football?


Is it too late for you to start playing Football at the age of 15?


What was the first ever football team?

The oldest football club with a well-documented, continuous history is the Dublin University Football Club, founded in 1854 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Cambridge University Association Football Club has been described by both the university as the oldest club now playing Association football (soccer). Sheffield Football Club, in Sheffield, England is the oldest documented non-university club, and was founded in 1857.

Where did Messi start playing at?

When he was five he started playing football for Grandoli, a local club in Rosario in Argentina, where he lived.

Where is the Fulham Football Club based at?

The Fulham Football Club is based in Fulham London which is the southwest of the city. This professional club was founded in 1879. They have been playing in the English Premier League for 11 seasons.

What is name of Chelsea football club?

Chelsea Football Club is called Chelsea Football club.