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collingwood supporters have no teeth! they are all stupid.

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Q: Which afl teams supporters have the least teeth?
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Why don't Canberra Darwin and Geraldton have Afl teams?

Because Canberra is a rugby town, the AFL has experimented there and crowd numbers are very low. Darwin and Geraldton aren't populous enough to sustain an AFL team through fan base, membership and supporters

Which AFL team has the most supporters?

The Collingwood Magpies

Who has th most supporters in the afl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

What is the Melbourne AFL teams icon?

The Melbourne AFL team is known as the Demons.

When was the first AFL team put together?

The oldest of the VFL/AFL teams is Melbourne which was founded in 1859.

Teams with most afl and vfl appearances?


How many teams were there when the afl and nfl combined?


When did the AFL teams come into the AFL?

west coast 1987, Brisbane 1987, Adelaide 1991, fremantle 1995, port 1997 swans were already a Melbourne team but moved to sydney sometime in the 80s

Is st kilda the best afl team ever?

no ... The most successful AFL teams are Essendon and Carlton, each with 16 Premierships

Did Hawthorn and St Kilda afl teams join together in 1987?

No they did not.

Which NFL teams went to the Afl after the merger?

Pittsburg, Baltimore and Cleveland

What year did the AFL and NFL merge?

The AFL and NFL merged before the start of the 1970 season.