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It is not sure who will win, I hope Aj Lee will, but she is in a tough situation. Your thoughts:

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โˆ™ 2014-03-30 00:07:02
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Q: Which WWE diva is going to win at wrestlemaina 30?
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Who going to win wrestlemaina 24?

orton will win the wwe title taker will be 16-0

How can you be WWE diva?

You can get a contract starting from the deveplomental territiores or win the diva search.

How do you sign up to be a WWE diva?

you have to win wwe diva searchno you dont you go to the internet and sign up for it and get a contract

Who will win the WWE champion at wrestlemaina 24?

John cena he rocks! (ps.if you wanted to know his theme is the time is now)

Is Jeff Hardy going to be in the 2010 Royal Rumble match?

To be honest i don't think he but i would not count it out, if he does come back he will be entry 30 and most likely to win the match and go on to wrestlemaina 26 and win the WWE championship or the World Heavyweight championship.

Who is going to win no way out in WWE 2009?

me me

How can I become a wwe diva?

First you need to go to a wwe match and have gold pass which alowes you to talk with Mr. Mcmahon, ten if he says yes you vs another diva in a contract signing match, if you win you get the job.

Is Jeff going to win the WWE chapionship again?


Is John Cena going to win sheamus to keep the WWE title?

You will have to watch the WWE.

Who is going to win the WWE championship next?

Randy Orton

Who is going to win summerslam for the WWE championship?

john cena

Who is going to win the rock or john cena at WrestleMania?


Who is going to win out of WWE vs NBA?

WWE.Because Basketball sucks and WWE Rocks the HHOOUUSSEE!!

Is finlay going to win the WWE elimination chamber at WWE 2008 no way out?

no, the undertaker will not fake scripted

Who is going to win the WWE champonship?

well right now shameus has it

Who is going to win WrestleMania 25 for WWE championship?

Triple H

Who is going to win WWE nxt?

it will most definitley be Justin gabriel

Is john cena going to win the WWE championship back?

he already has

How do you unlock Mickie James in svr 2011?

Win five Divas-only 1-on-1 matches with any Diva / WWE Universe.

In the wwe who is going to win the battle of the billon aire?

Unfortunately, Donald Trump

Who is going to win the WWE title at the great American bash?

John cena win American bash on Sunday

Will john cena win the champion chip at wrestlemania 24?

Maybe. You never know whos gonna win at Wrestlemaina 24

Wwe vs tna who would win?

World Wrestling Entertamint Or WWE

How do you unlock Mickie James on WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?

You have to win 5 Divas-only 1-on-1 matches with any Diva of your choice.

Which wresters win will win at WWE unforgiven 08?

y2j win wwe world heivywieght scramble hhh win wwe champ shawn win priceless win