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Currently we have Benny Mcarthy and Steven Pienaar playing, not sure who else

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Q: Which South African players have played in premiership?
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When was South African Football Players Union created?

South African Football Players Union was created in 1997-05.

Who are the most earning South African soccer players?

The highest paid players from South Africa is Stephen Pienar.

How much do South African rugby players get paid?


Who are the top paid south African soccer players?

Teko modise

How many ashes 09 players were South African?

4 players were from the RSA. They were Strauss, Pietersen, Prior, & Trott

How much Do South African football players get paid?

Around r200 000

How many south African born players are in the NHL?

The only South African born player to ever play in the NHL was Olaf Kölzig (1989-2009).

When was New South Wales Rugby League premiership created?

New South Wales Rugby League premiership was created in 1908.

Should the vuvuzela be banned?

i think not. they are played during matches by south African fans at all matches during all soccer games played there and without them the south African football vibe would be killed and players and fans would not truly expierience south African football. without them in the stands it would be like going to a Dave matthews band concert and not smelling burnt marijuana. this would be a tradgedy

Who are the best soccer players in South Africa?

I'm not sure about players playing in South Africa, but Steven Pienaar (who plays for Everton in the English Premier League) is widely regarded as the best South African player.

Who won the first nrl premiership?

South Sydney

How many South African-born players are there in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 squads?


How much do South African soccer players earn?

they Earn bout 30000 dollars a month so that's why

Which black south African played 1st professional football in Europe?


Why south African players are called pro teas?

The Protea is the national flower of South Africa and that is why all the national sports teams in SA are called proteas.

Which cricket players scored a century in their debut match but never scored another century?

Jonathan Trott of South African!!!!!

Who was the first south American player to score in the premiership?

Diego Maradona

How many players in South Korea?

There are 23 players in South Korea

Who was the South African winger who played rugby for Otago?

Justin Swart. Also played for the Highlanders in the early 2000s.

What role did African Americans play in reconstruction of the south?

They played the role of being freed.

Who was the south African footballer who played for charlton athletic from 2000 to 2006?

Shaun Bartlett

Who plays morabaraba?

Morabaraba is played by at least 40% of all South African ie me and you.

Who played for the all blacks with south African background?

Andrew Merhtins was born in Durban

Before south African how many world cups have been played in Africa?


In which south African city will the 2010 world cup final be played?

Johanna's berg