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Edgar martinez

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Q: Which Seattle Mariners have hit 3 home runs in one game?
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Which MLB team has hit the most solo home runs in a season?

1997 Seattle Mariners

What was the highest number of runs ever scored by the Seattle Mariners in a Major League Baseball Game?


What team set a Major League record by hitting 264 home runs in a season?

The 1997 Seattle Mariners.

What is the Major League Baseball record for most home runs by a team in a season?

In 1997, the Seattle Mariners hit 264 home runs to set the MLB record.

What is the most home runs hit in a season by a team?

As far as MLB goes that would be the 1997 Seattle Mariners with 264.

What team has a record of home runs in one season?

In MLB through the 2008 season, the record for home runs by a team in one season is 264 by the 1997 Seattle Mariners.

What MLB team holds the record for most home runs hit in a single season?

The record for team home runs in a season is held by the 1997 Seattle Mariners who hit 264.

Which major league team holds the record for the most home runs in major league history?

The 1997 Seattle Mariners hold the MLB single season record for home runs with 264.

How many home runs did Bernie Williams hit in a single postseason series?

Williams' most home runs in a postseason series was 3 against the Texas Rangers in the 1996 ALDS and the Seattle Mariners in the 2001 ALCS.

How many home runs did Ken Griffey JR Hit in hs career?

Ken Griffey, Jr., is still an active player with the Seattle Mariners. Through the 2009 season, Griffey has hit 630 career home runs.

Who were the only father and son to hit back to back home runs in a major league baseball game?

On September 14, 1990, Seattle Mariners stars Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr hit first-inning back-to-back home runs off Kirk McCaskill of the California Angels.

Who are the only father-son major league baseball players to home in the same game?

Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr for the Seattle Mariners against the California Angels on September 14, 1990. They hit back-to-back home runs off of Kirk McCaskill in the first inning.

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