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Q: Which Scottish club has never been relegated?
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Which year was arsenal relegated?

Arsenal have never been relegated from the league in their history.

Has arsenal fc been relegated from da premiership?

No. Arsenal Football Club have never been relegated from the Premier League.

Which Italian club has never been relegated to seri A?

I believe you're talking about being relegated to Serie B, the second division, as Serie A is the main league, comparable to the Premiersihp or the Bundesliga. Said that, Internazionale Milano (commonly known as Inter) is the only team to have never been relegated from the Serie A to Serie B.

What premier league club has never been relegated from top division?

The club is Arsenal. No it's not, arsenal were relegated in 1920's, it's actually Wigan athletic

Which Europe football club have never been relegated before?

I can only think of Arsenal.

What nigeria premier league club have never been relegated to the lower division?


Which premiership club has never relegated?

english premier league

Has Arsenal Football Club ever been relegated to a lower division?

Arsenal FC have never been relegated from the Premier League but were relegated to the then Fourth Division (modern League Two) in 1913.

Which spanish la liga club has never been relegated from both the division one and league?

Real Madrid Barcelona Athletic Bilbao

Which English football club has been relegated the most?

Grimsby has been regelated the most.

Are there any teams in the English Premiership League that have never been relegated?

If I am not wrong, Everton F. C. are the only ones to have never been relegated. Tottenham Hotspurs were never relegated from the Premiership League they never been in the bottom Three and top Four ARSENAL ALSO HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEGATED FROM ENGLANDS TOP FLIGHT. You're wrong about all of those 3. Everton and Arsenal have both, indeed, been relegated from England's to flight (Arsenal (as Woolwich Arsenal) in 1913, Everton in 1930 and again in 1951. It would be ridiculous to claim that Woolwich Arsenal and Arsenal weren't the same club. Tottenham fniished in the top 4 of the Premiership, er, last year.

What football team reigned the longest in the English 1st division?

Arsenal is the only club in the E.P.L.ho have never been relegated, so they have the longest reign in England.