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Jason Bay led the 2009 Boston Red Sox in RBIs with 119.

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Q: Which Red Sox player had the most RBIs in 2009?
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Which Red Sox player had the most RBIs in 2007?

The RBI leader for the 2007 Red Sox was Mike Lowell with 120. David Ortiz was second with 117.

Which team as the most RBIs in one inning?

the 05 red sox, with 14

Who was the last Cincinnati red to lead the league in rbi?

Through the 2009 season, that was Dave Parker with 125 RBIs in 1985.

Who is the best baseball player on the Boston Red Soxs?

Jacoby Ellsbury who had over 30 homers and steals and over 100 rbis

Who led the Red Sox in RBIs in the 2007 season?

Mike Lowell

Who holds the Major League Baseball record for most career RBIs for a pitcher?

Red Ruffing. Hall of Famer Red Ruffing played 22 seasons with the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Chicago White Sox between 1924-1942 and 1945-1947. He had 273 career RBIs and a batting average of .269 with 98 doubles (also an MLB record for pitchers), 13 triples, and 36 home runs.

The last Red Sox player to play every game in a season?

That was Bill Buckner in the 1985 season. He hit .299 in 162 games and 673 at bats with 46 doubles, 16 HRs, and 110 RBIs.

Who are the last five major league batters to win the triple crown?

As of the 2008 season, the last five batters to win a triple crown have played in the American League: 1967 - Carl Yastremski, Boston Red Sox, 44 HRs, 121 RBIs, .326 BA 1966 - Frank Robinson, Baltimore Orioles, 49 HRs, 122 RBIS, .316 BA 1956 - Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees, 52 HRs, 130 RBIs, .353 BA 1947 - Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox, 32 HRs, 114 RBIs, .343 BA 1942 - Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox, 36 HRs, 137 RBIs, .356 BA

American league player win the triple crown?

The last American League player to win the Triple Crown was Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox in 1967 when he hit .326 with 44 HR and 121 RBIs. The year before that Frank Robinson of the Baltimore won the American League Triple Crown, batting .316 with 49 homers and 122 RBIs. Only 6 other American League players and 5 National League players have ever won the Triple Crown.

Who led the Red Sox in RBI's during the 2007 season?

Mike Lowell led the Red Sox in RBIs in the 2007 season with 120. David Ortiz was second with 117.

What player was with the Red Sox longer?

Carl Yastrzemski played 23 seasons with the Red Sox, the most of any player.

Which Red Sox starter hit 308 in 2004?

That was Manny Ramirez who also had 44 doubles, 43 home runs, and 130 RBIs.

Who hit the most RBI's in one game for the Angels?

Vladimir Guerrero Guerrero had 9 RBIs against the Boston Red Sox on June 2, 2004. He went 4 for 4 with 2 HRs, a double, and a single.

What Red Sox player wears number 44?

Jason Bay, 2009 Number 44

What MLB team has the most sellouts for 2009?

The Boston Red Sox

Who has the most red cards in the EPL?

The player with the most red cards in the EPL has 8 of them. Patrick Vieira, Richard Dunne and Duncan Ferguson all have 8 red cards, the most in the EPL.

How many Red Sox team home runs 2009?

The Boston Red Sox Had 212 Home Runs in the season of 2009, and Jason Bay with the most home runs (36)

Which opposing player is most hated by Red Sox fans?

Right now the most hated player is Alex Rodriguez of the yankees.

When is Red Nose Day 2009 in Australia?

The much-loved Red Nose Day campaign is the most recognisable fundraising campaign in Australia and celebrates its 22nd anniversary on 26 JUNE 2009.

What baseball team sold the most tickets in 2009?

the Boston red sox sold the most so far............

Last redsox player to lead league in stolen bases?

As of 2009, Jacoby Ellsbury was the last Red Sox player to lead the American League in stolen bases. Ellsbury led the League in 2009 with 70, and in 2008 with 50.

What are the release dates for Red on Red - 2009?

Red on Red - 2009 was released on: USA: 15 May 2009 (RoofTop Film Festival)

Which player in Red Sox history has played the most career games?

The player that played more games as a Boston Red Sox than anybody is Carl Yastrzemski.

Who is the most respected player on the Boston Red Sox?

david ortiz

When is the most recent World Series that the Red Sox won?

As od 2009 the last World Series the Red Sox won was in 2007.