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Q: Which President had two step-sons arrested for hot-horse racing?
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Why was Justin Bieber arrested?

He was arrested for Drag Racing and Drunk Driving.

When did Justin Bieber get arrested 2014?

Justin b got arrested because he was drag racing without a licences

Why did hulk hogan's son get arrested?

he was racing and wrecked the car and killed his best friend that was in the car with him.

What will happen if you get caught street racing?

You could be arrested for exceeding the speed limit and public endangerment.

Is it true Akiyama Acez was arrested for racing a Ferrari Enzo?

No. He doesn't even own that car. Its just lies.

What is the relationship between moonshine and car racing?

junior Johnson got arrested for doing moonshine. He was a nascar driver.

Who can help you get in street racing?

Street racing is Illegal, so you just have to have a car,$$$, know where/when they race and show up. The legal way is through sanctioned bodies like the S.C.C.A., safer and you won't get arrested.

How many times have Justin Bieber been arrested?

Only once. January 23, 2014 he was arrested for drag racing in Miami beach with rapper Khalil. However he is pleading not guilty and will go on trial on March 3, 2014.

Why is Justin Bieber in jail 2014?

Justin Beiber was arrested on January 23, 2014 in Miami , FL for drag racing, resisting arrest and driving while under the influence.

What would be the penalty for street racing?

differs from state to state, but i know @ least Texas & California are really strict; like, depending on the severity/evidence/level of street racing you are caught doing, you can have your car taken/impounded, crushed, drivers license taken up, and/or arrested. Getting a DUI has less repercussions than hardcore street racing. In Arizona, street racing is a misdemeanor ... could result in automatic suspension of all driving privileges for up to a year. Pay the cheap fee and do this at a race track.

Who is the CEO of Fox Racing gear?

Geoff Fox is president and CEO also founded the company in 1974 known then as Moto-X Fox.

Different types of car racing?

Types of car racing include: * drag racing * formula 1 racing * nascar racing * street racing

Why did bill and ben get arrested?

because they were sexually harassing a sunflower and got let off with a caution. but later that day were caught drink driving whilst racing a snail. they ran over a squirrel. there tax disk was also out of date!

What sport is similar to Horse Racing?

Their is no other sport like Horse Racing. Dog racing, frog racing, baby crawl racing

What are the duties of a Commodore in a Yacht Club?

The Commodore is essentially the club president. A "Fleet Captain" is the club officer that manages racing activities in a traditional Yacht Club.

What kind racing might a competitor use trapeze in?


Can a police give you a ticket and not witness what happened?

yea, like most people you can get reported for whatever crime you did, but it also depends on the crime... like in my case i got reported for racing and got pulled over on the other side of town. but i got arrested.

When is Flat horse racing?

Flat horse racing is when a horse is racing on a flat. a flat is a course without jumps. Flat horse racing is horse racing without jumps.

How is banger racing different from a standard racing?

Banger racing is different from standard racing. Banger racing involves driving on a dirt track and using vehicles that have been constructed by the drivers.

What sports is played sitting down?

Car racing (nascar) and horse racing.Chees... Poker... Polo... Car Racing... Boat Racing ... any type of jocked Racing...

Where can one find the best racing tips?

Depending on the type of racing in question. There are a variety of websites that give tips on horse racing, dog racing, and car racing. It depends on what you are looking for.

What are some examples where frictional force should be reduced?

Anything to do with racing: car racing, ski racing, especially bike racing.

What are some bike racing games for kids?

Bike racing games for kids include ATV Quad Bike Racing, Dirt Bike Racing, Street Rally Racing, Motorcycle Racing, BMX Backflips, Mobike 4 and Motocross 2.

Is the term 'Racing is the sport of kings' true?

car racing is but not horse racing

Which is NOT a recognized form of horse racing?

Flat racing is not a recognized form of racing