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The following footballers Kanu, Dennis Bergkamp have played for both Ajax and Inter Milan.

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Q: Which Players have played for both Ajax and inter Milan?
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What football players have played for 5 out of Real Madrid Aston Villa Nottingham Forest Barcelona Inter Milan Man United Liverpool Benfica Ajax PSV Juventus Hamburg Bayern Munich Celtic?

Ronaldo (PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real, AC Milan) Davids (Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

Name 3 players who have played for 5 clubs who have won the European cup?

Ronaldo (Inter Milan, A.C Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, P.S.V Eindhoven) Edgar Davids (Ajax Amsterdam, A.C Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter Milan)

Five football players with 5 champion league clubs?

Ronaldo- PSV, Barcalona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan. Edgar Davids- inter Milan, juventus, ac milan, barcalona, ajax.

What clubs has Edgar davids played for?

Ajax AC Milan Juventus Barcelona Inter Milan Tottenham Hotspur Ajax Crystal Palace Now 2013 (Barnet)

Name three players who have played for five different clubs which have won the European Cup?

Edgard Davids is one (Ajax, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

How many clubs has Clarence seedorf played for?

Clarence Seedorf played for these clubs, Ajax, Inter Milan , Real Madrid, A.C. Milan.

Five players that played with four clubs that won the champions league?

Dean Saunders (Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Benfica) Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Real Madrid, Inter, AC Milan) Jaap Stam (PSV, Man Utd, AC Milan, Ajax) Patrick Kluivert (Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona, PSV)

Has Clarence seedorf played for Glasgow rangers?

No. Clarence Seedorf has played for Ajax, Sampdoria, Real Madrid, Inter and AC Milan, but never Rangers.

Who has scored for 5 different champions league clubs?

Hernan Crespo; inter, milan, chelsea, parma, lazio And Zlatan Ibrahimovic; ajax, juventus, inter, barcelona, milan

Who has played for 5 European cup winning clubs?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, and AC Milan. All 5 of these clubs have won a European Cup before in their history. Most Recent out of the 3 being FC Barcelona (2011), Inter Milan (2010), and AC Milan (2007)

Which Five players have played for five champions league winning teams?

Edgar Davids Ajax, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Barcelona Bolo Zenden PSV, Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Marseille (Chelsea have not won the Champions league,so its not Zendan) Ronaldo Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona & PSV Eindhoven Don't think that there are any others.

Which players have played for five different clubs that have won the European cup?

Clarence seedorf played for ajax, inter milan, ac milan and real Madrid who all have won the European cup/champions leagueand he has played for holland who have won the international European cup. so technicly he has played for 5 European cup winning teams :)

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