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they use nike elite airlock

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Q: Which Nike basketball does the Israeli basketball league use?
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the NCAA uses a Wilson basketball and some schools use a nike elite basketball. I believe a Nike elite championship model.

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Because he waers nike basketball trainers in the NBA

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T90 size 5 nike footballs

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To prove it is nike!!

Are air force ones for baskeball?

Yes, they were the first shoe that Nike ever made for basketball back in 1982. Although they are mainly used for style nowadays, basketball players still use them to play in.

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Nike only is allowed to use it. To use it you would have to get permission from them.

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Nike uses dri-fit technology.

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no,you can use ipod,ipod touch,or have to buy nike+ ipod sport kit if you use ipod,you just have to buy the sensor if you use ipod touch or iphone

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