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Q: Which New Zealand teams have black in their name?
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Which rugby teams are called The Black?

new zealand are the all blacks

What are 3 New Zealand sports teams?

All Blacks (Rugby), Black Sticks (Hockey), Black Caps (Cricket).

What is the name of the men's hockey team?

The only national men's teams to have longstanding nicknames are the Australian Hockeyroos and Kookaburras, and the New Zealand Black Sticks (the name for both their men's and women's squads).

What is the name of the New Zealand women rugby team?

The Black Ferns.

What is the name of the New Zealand women's rugby team?

the New Zealand Women's Rugby Union team is nicknamed the Black Ferns.

What are the new zealand soccer team colors?

we don't have an "official" colour but i'd say if we did, it'd be black. most nz professional sports teams have 'black' in their name, and wear black.. all blacks (rugby) black caps (cricket) tall blacks (basketball) black sticks (field hockey) etc etc!

What is the name of nz nation soccer team?

The nickname for New Zealand's national soccer teams is "The Kiwis".

Whirimako Black she composed and sang the song for new zealand wars what was the name of the song?

Whirimako Black composed and sang the title music to the documentary television series called 'The New Zealand Wars'.

Were did the silver fern plant come from?

the silver fern comes from New Zealand it is a native to New Zealand and lots of the New Zealand sports teams use it as there symbols

What teams do New Zealand play in the 2006 Soccer World Cup?

New Zealand did not make it to the 2006 world cup.

What is the New Zealand womens rugby teams ranking in the world?

New Zealand's Women's Rugby team, The Black Ferns (Not to be confused with "The Silver Ferns", which are NZ's netball team) are ranked 1st in the world and are more sucessful than the All Blacks (For the oblivious, New Zealand's Mens team)

When was George Black - New Zealand politician - born?

George Black - New Zealand politician - was born in 1904.