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Q: What is the name of nz nation soccer team?
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What is the name of nz soccer team?


What is the name of the nz soccer team?

The All Whites

What is the name of the NZ A League soccer team?

It is New Zealand Auckland league.

Who is the nz captain of the soccer team?

The captain is Ryan Nelson.

What is the name of the new Zealand a league soccer team?

Wellington Phoenix 2007-present NZ Knights before that

Who does vicelich play soccer for?

Auckland City, and NZ national team.

What is the name for the nz cricket team?

The Black Caps

What is the name of nz's national rugby team?

All Blacks

What is the name of the NZ basketball team?

Tall Blacks ----------------------------------------it roxs!!

What is the name nz womens cricket team?

black flack

Is wrestling better than soccer yes soccer is for gay boy's beside's nz Jacob rainbow and nz jesses. soccer sucks bronson?

no soccer is better

What is the name of the nz basket ball team?

The women's basketball team is the Silver Ferns

What is the name of the NZ woman cricket team?

The name of the New Zealand Womens Cricket Team is the White Ferns.

How did Ryan Nelson become captain of the NZ soccer team?

He was just simply one of the most capped and trusted player of the team leading him to the role.

What is the name of the nz netball team?

The New Zealand Silver Ferns

What are your favorite teams for worldcup soccer 2010?

(nz team)All Whites!! because i live in New Zealand (auckland)

How did the nz soccER team come by its name the all whites?

The New Zealand football team all white so they are called the all whites, while in Rugby they wear all black clothes , so they are called the all Blacks.

How much does a nz soccer player get paid?


What is the NZ rugby league team called?

The NZ rugby league team are called the Kiwis

What was the first name for the NZ netball team?

it should of been the silver ferns but i guess its not

Is NZ a developed nation?

Yes, and NZ is also classified as one of the advance economies

What was the name of the NZ boat?


What is an Australian soccer team name?

Australia Socceroos (International) A-League Melbourne Victory Sydney FC Queensland Roar Perth Glory Adelaide United Newcastle Jets Central Coast Mariners Wellington Phoenix (NZ)

What are the most popular sports in nz?

netball ,soccer,cricket and rugby.

When was the last time nz qualified for the soccer world cup?