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Deion Sanders, highly considered the best cornerback to ever play in the NFL, played outfield for the Yankees.

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Q: Which New York Yankee played in the NFL?
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Who is the New York Yankee player in NFL hall of fame as a coach?

George Halas played 12 games with the New York Yankees in the 1919 season.

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Which New York Yankee played the most games at the old Yankee Stadium?

Derek Jeter

Which New York Yankee had the most consecutive games played?

Lou Gehrig played the most consecutive games as a Yankee with 2,130.

After the New York Yankees win a home game what song plays over the loud speaker?

The Frank Sinatra version of "New York, New York" is traditionally played in Yankee Stadium after a Yankee victory.

Who sings New York New York at Yankee Stadium?

"New York, New York" was recorded by Frank Sinatra. It is played at all Yankees home games.

Where in New York is the Yankee Stadium?

The Yankee Stadium in New York can be located in New York on One East 161st Street, The Bronx, New York, United States. The owner if the Yankee Stadium is the New York Yankees.

What is the name of the field the New York Yankees played at in 1950?

yankee stadium

What teams did mariano rivera play?

he only played for the new york Yankee's.

What was the last New York Yankee farm team that Mickey Mantle played with?

The last New York Yankee farm team that Mickey Mantle played with was the Yankee club in Kansas City. In August of 1950, the Yankees called him up from there to join the club.

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Yankee Global Enterprises... New York Yankess is owned by a company

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