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Currently, running back Danny Woodhead wears #39 for the Patriots.

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Q: Which New England Patriots player wears number 39?
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What player wore number 58 for the New England Patriots?

Pierre Woods an outside linebacker currently wears number 58 for the Patriots

What player wears number 28 for the New England Patriots?

Formerly running back Corey Dillon and defensive back Darius Butler. Currently, no Patriots player wears #28.

Who wears number 18 for the New England Patriots?

Currently, wide receiver Matthew Slater wears #18 for the New England Patriots.

Who wears number 95 on the New England Patriots?

Currently, defensive end Mark Anderson wears #95 for the Patriots.

What NFL player wears number 31?

Brandon Meriweather, New England Patriots. He's a beast safety!

Who wears number 70 on the New England Patriots football team?

Logan Mankins, the team's starting Left Guard, wears number 70 for the current New England Patriots.

Which England players wears number 19?

It is Brandon Tate from New England Patriots

Who wore number 76 for the New England Patriots?

Steve Williams a nose tackle/defensive end currently wears number 76 for the patriots Sebastian vollmer currently wears 76 for the new England patriots

What football player wears jersey 12?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots wears number 12. There are probably more but that's the most popular.

Who wore number 39 for the New England Patriots?

Danny Woodhead currently wears number 39 for the Patriots. The most famous player to wear the number is running back Sam Cunningham.

What is Ellis Hobbs number?

Ellis hobbs wears number 27 on the Nw England Patriots.

What New England Patriots have worn number 18?

Matthew Slater currently wears that number

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