Which NRL team won last year?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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Brisbane broncos defeated Melbourne storm in the 2006 telstra premiership grand final

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Q: Which NRL team won last year?
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What NRL team won in 1998?

In 1998, the Brisbane Broncos won the NRL premiership.

Who won the grand final nrl football last year in 2008?

The Manly Sea Eagles

Who won the NRL comp in 2003?

In 2003 the best team in the NRL won the premiership and that is the Penrith Panthers :D (They will also win the 2010 premiership)

Why is rabbitohs the best nrl team?

Because they won the most premierships

What team won the NRL grand final of 2012?

Melbourne Storm

Which nrl team won 11 premierships in a row?

St George

Which NRL team won the 2006 premiership?

The 2006 NRL Grand Final won by the Brisbane Broncos over the Melbourne Storm

Which teams played in the 1989 nrl grand final which the winning team won by a field goal?

There was no NRL winning team in 1989, and the RL winning team did not win by a field goal.

Which team won Italy's Serie A last season?

A.C.Milan won it in last year.

Which basketball team won last year?

It Depends what year you are talking about if it it's 2011 right the Lakers won last year If you are seeing this in 2012 then the Dallas Mavericks won last year.

What year was the first NRL grand final held?

In 1908, The Souths won to The Roosters. It is the Centry of NRL this year. i think Manly is going to win.

What team won the EPL last year in soccer?