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Cleveland Browns, and BENGALS

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Q: Which NLF team is the worst team in the NFL?
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Is the Green Bay Packers an nlf team?

No, they are a NFL team

Who is the worst NFL team in NFL history?


Could the best team in college beat the worst team in the NFL?

There is not a chance in the whole world that the best college team beat the worst NFL team!

What month did the Baltimore ravesn become a nlf team?

The Ravens were officially recognized as an NFL team when they relocated from Cleveland, Ohio to Baltimore, Maryland in April, 1996.

What team has the worst record in the NFL?


Who is the worst team in the NFL in the 2009 season?

As of November '09 the St. Louis Rams are the worst team.

Who had the worst NFL recured in 2008?

The NFL team with the worst overall record in 2008 was the Detroit Lions, who were 0-16.

Worst NFL team in history?

the browns or the jaguars

Who is the worst team in the nfl in 2011?

Indianapolis colts

What was the worst NFL team in 1990?

tennessee titans

What nfl team was the worst forthe2011 season?


Worst NFL team of all time?

The Dallas Cowboys