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dolphins, jets, eagle,and cheifs

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Q: Which NFL teams run the wildcat offense?
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What NFL teams run the spread offense?


What college teams run the veer offense?

Carson Newman

What is wildcat offence?

The Wildcat offense is when you run a shotgun "QB draw" play but replace your QB with a RB or WR, Thus having an extra blocker and a skilled runner gives you an advantage

Which NFL teams run the west coast offense?

NFL teams that currently use the west coast offense are: - Green Bay Packers - Washington Redskins - Cincinnati Bengals - San Francisco 49ers - St. Louis Rams - Chicago Bears - Kansas City Chiefs - New York Jets - Indianapolis Colts - New York Giants

Which college football teams run a pro style offense?

va./ tech

What does a defensive pointguard do in a basketball game?

Pointguards traditionally run a teams offense. When a team has a defensive pointguard, they are able to easily defend an opposing teams pointguard. Thus, slowing down, or stopping a teams offense.

How many miles does an NFL player run in a games?

about 1 mile at most, the average NFL game has only about 11 mins of actual playing time, thery have 3 seperate teams that play throughout the game the offense, the defense and the special teams, so most players are on the field only for 5 mins and they're not the fittest people out there

Why don't NFL fullbacks run the ball in the NFL?

Fullbacks are just bigger, stronger runningbacks and they can also recieve, but however they do run too! depending on different teams!! :D

What type of offense does redskins run?

a run offense

Did the buick wildcat run on diesel or gasoline?


What are the responsibilities of a special teams coordinator in the NFL?

Special teams consist of kickoff, kick return, punt team, put return, and field goal teams. The special teams coordinator organizes these teams and decides what plays they will run.

How many NFL teamS have won Super Bowl with unbeaten run?

Only one, the Miami Dolphins in 1972.

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