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The LA Rams were the first pro team to mark their helmets. They put on curved rams horns so the QB can spot his receiver's down field, a design they've kept to this day.

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Q: Which NFL team was a first team to have a logo on their helmet?
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Which NFL team was the last to put logo on helmet?

The Clevland Browns still do not have a logo on thir helmet

What is the only NFL football team without a logo on the side of the helmet?


What NFL team does not have a logo on both sides of their helmets?

The Cleveland Browns are the only team with no logo on their helmets. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team with a logo on only one side of the helmet.

Which NFL team helmet does not have a symbol or a decal?

The Pittsburgh Steelers has only 1 logo on a side and not on the other side

Why is there no logo on the clevland browns helmet?

There never was and probably never will be as they are the only NFL team without a logo.

Which NFL team has no logo?

The Cleveland Browns have no logo on their helmets. In print and on the Internet, they use the orange helmet with no logo, as their primary logo. They also have a secondary logo consisting of a brown 'B' on an orange and brown stripe, enclosed in a brown outline in the shape of a football.

Is the Oakland Raiders logo a registered NFL logo?

A team's name, uniform, and logo are registered trademarks of the team itself. The NFL, obviously, must give their approval to the logo. In the case of the Houston Texans, the most recent expansion team, the NFL actively participated with owner Robert McNair in the design and creation of their logo.

Which NFL teams have a helmet in their emblem?

The Oakland Raiders. The Miami Dolphins used to but a new dolphin logo without the helmet was introduced in 2013.

How many NFL teams do not have a logo on their helmets?

None!Answer:The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a logo on their helmets.

What NFL team has never changed their logo?

Cleveland browns

Why the logo on the Minnesota helmet?

The Minnesota NFL team is nicknamed the "Vikings". Think of the classic image of a Viking, with the classic horned helmet. The logo on the Vikings' helmets is supposed to look like those horns sticking out. Obviously, trying to do a 2-d drawing of the horns like that leaves a bit to be desired and one has to look at it with a little imagination.

What is unique about the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet logo?

The Steelers only have one logo because when they originally put the steel mark on the helmets they wanted to see how it looked on the gold helmets and put it just on one side. And later that year they went to the playoffs for the first time so as good luck they decided to change the helmet to black to show the logo better and keep the one side.