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chris sims

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Q: Which NFL quarterback retired due of series of injuries?
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Which NFL quarterback retired after15 seasons due to head injuries?

Steve Young

NFL quarterback retired whose son is autistic?

Doug Flutie.

Who is the NFL quarterback who keeps unretiring?

Brett Favre (hes retired again)

Was Steve DeBerg the NFL's oldest quarterback ever?

No, DeBerg retired at 44, George Blanda retired at 48.

Who was the starting quarterback for the bills after Jim kelly retired in the 1997 nfl season?

The answer is Todd Collins

Who is the oldest player in the nfl in 2010?

Brett Favre was the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and he was 41, but he retired when the season was over.

When did NFL Quarterback Club happen?

NFL Quarterback Club happened in 1994.

When was NFL Quarterback Club created?

NFL Quarterback Club was created in 1994.

Was Tony Romo a third string quarterback for Troy Aikman?

No. In fact, Aikman had retired from the NFL before Romo ever started playing.

Who is billy volek's niece?

Billy Volek is a retired NFL quarterback. He played for the Titans and also for the Chargers. He retired in 2012. If he has a niece he has kept this information private from the media because there is no information to be found on her.

What are the names of some celebrities that begin with the letter A?

Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. Andre Agassi is a retired professional tennis player.

Does Peyton Manning have relatives that play football?

His father, Archie Manning was a quarterback in the NFL for 14 years and retired after 1971. His younger brother, Eli Manning, is currently playing for the New York Giants in the NFL.

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