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Baltimore Ravens. 7 players.

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Q: Which NFL Team has the most player on the NFL top 100 list?
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What is the most points scored in a NBA game?

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

What is the most points in a NBA game?

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

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Most points scored in basketball game?

100 points by Wilt Chamberlain his team had 162

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What is the most amount of points scored in the NBA?

The player: Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 scored 100 points for Philadelphia Warriors. The team: most points ever scored by a team was in 1983, when Detroit Pistons beat Denver Nuggets in 3 overtimes. The score was 186 - 184. The combined score is 370.

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What is the most points scored in nba team?

100 by wilt chamberlain , Kobe came close with 81

What team in the NBA scored the most points not in on game?

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What are the most points ever scored in a NBA game by a player?

100-Wilt Chamberlain

What is the most points scored by one player in one game?

wilt chamberlain...100