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Knute Rockne - 6

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Q: Which ND coach has claimed the most National Championships?
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What team has the most championships?

Alabama has the most championships post 1936, but Princeton claimed the most national championships prior to 1936

Which college coach has the most national championships in any sport?

Coach McDonnell to retire after earning 42 national titles

Coach with Most national championships in college football?

Larry Kehres, of Mount Union College, Division III, with 9 national championships.

What coach has the most national titles in college basketball?

John Wooden with 10 championships at UCLA. UCLA won another championship under coach Jim Harrick. With 11 championships UCLA has the most championships.

Which active college football coach has won the most national championships?

Nick Saban

What coach holds the record for most national championships in college football?

Paul Bryant

Coach with Most ncaa division 1 national championships in basketball?

John Wooden - (10)

What NCAA men's basketball coach has won the most national championships?

John Wooden won 10 NCAA national basketball championships with UCLA from 1964-1975.

Who has the most national championships?

Princeton With 26 National Championships.

What NBA coach has the most championships as a coach?

Phil Jackson with 10

Which coach has won the most championships as the coach of the Lakers?

John Kundla

Most national championships?

The Alabama Crimson Tide have the most with 13 all time National Championships.

What coach has won the most national championships at Notre Dame?

Frank Leahy won four of them in 1943, '46, '47' and '49

What National League player has the most world championships?

Yogiberra is the national league player who has most world championships.

Basketball coach most NCAA championships?

john wooden

What coach has won the most championships in the NBA?

Phil Jackson

What NCAA team has the most national championship?

UCLA - 97 National Championships Stanford - 90 National Championships

Who won the most championships as college head coach?

John Wooden UCLA Basketball coach

Who has won the most BCS national championships?

LSU and Florida have 2 BCS National Championships, but Alabama has 3 BCS National Championships. (BCS era started in 1998) Alabama also has the most all time National Championships with 15.

What university has the most football national championships?

Notre Dame, with 13 National Championships 11 of which are outright.

Most national champships?

Alabama has 12 national championships.

Who has most college football national championships?

The University of Michigan has the most with 11 national championships the last in 1997. GO BLUE

What pro basketball coach has the most championships?

Patrick lemIcheal James

What Collegiate Fastpitch Softball team has the most National championships?

The UCLA Lady Bruins have won the most National Championships in Collegiate Fastpitch Softball...I believe they have won 25 or 26 National Championships.

Who has the most National championships in football?