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i think you do?

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Q: Do you have to be certified to coach a college sport?
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What do you do to become a cheer coach?

You must be expierenced in the sport, and be certified by the USASF or the AACCA

How to become a certified divorce coach?

Become a Certified Divorce Coach through the CDC College for Divorce Coaching (tm) and the CDC Board of Standards (tm).

What sport did Nick Nolte coach in Blue Chips?

College Basketball

Is a college degree needed to coach college football?

yes you have to go to school to teach any sport college or not phys. ed is your best chance to teach a sport

Which college coach has the most national championships in any sport?

Coach McDonnell to retire after earning 42 national titles

How do I become a college coach?

There are several requirements for one to become a college coach. The basics include knowledge in the particular sport, good educational background and willing to start somewhere not necessarily as the head coach.

What kind of education do you have to gave to be a coache?

To be a COACH you have to go to college and get an education on sport medicene

Can a man play on a female sports team in college?

No. It is a female sport. However, you can coach

Which coach has the most wins as an ncaa college coach in any sport?

I just picked up win 1206. I'm just curious where that stands with other college coaches.

Can a college student coach high school?

Yes, a college student can coach a sport during schooling times. You would just have to go and make your schedule around practice times :)

Where Can swimming get you the world?

swimming could end up being your future. my swim coach when to a all sport college and then he went into a swimming sport laboratory for talented swimmers. after that he get a job as a swim coach from his former college. He then went to France and was a coach there and then he came to the US to coach, hes been around swimming for 60 year and has taken 3 people to the Olympics.

In which sport does the coach wear a uniform?

Baseball is a sport that the coach wears a uniform.

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