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Q: Which NCAA team had 59 tournament wins?
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Did butler win the last ncaa basketball tournament?

No, they lost to Duke, 61-59.

What team won the 2010 NCAA March Madness?

Duke defeated Butler 61-59.

Who won the mens NCAA basketball tournament in 1977?

Marquette won over UNC 67-59. The others in the Final Four were UNC-Charlotte and UNLV.

Which teams have amassed 59 wins in the big tournament?

I Want to say Indiana with 60 Being closest but who knows I'm not Into College Hoops

What was Marquette's record when they won ncaa tournament?

Marquette went 25-7 in 1977 en route to defeating North Carolina 67-59 in the National Championship game.

What NCAA teams have 59 tournament wins?

As of 2001: MOST TORNAMENT WINS: 89 Kentucky81 North Carolina79 UCLA73 Duke61 Kansas52 Indiana48 Louisville41 Michigan40 Syracuse39 Arkansas38 Georgetown37 Cincinnati37 Villanova36 Ohio State32 Utah30 UNLVAs of 2006: * Kentucky - 97 * North Carolina - 88 * Duke - 85 * UCLA - 80 * Kansas - 73

What is the most wins in a NCAA baseball season?

NCAA Division I -- 73, Wichita State 1982 (14 losses) NCAA Division II -- 61, Kennesaw (Ga.) State 1998 (5 losses) NCAA Division III -- 59, Marietta (Ohio) College 1981 (5 losses) NAIA -- 73, Oklahoma City, 2007 (7 losses)

Who is the college basketball champion team?

The Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 NCAA Championship in Men's Basketball over the Butler Bulldogs 61-59

Most wins in MLB history?

Player Career Wins - Cy Young, 511 Player Single Season Wins - 1884, Charles 'Old Hoss' Radbourn, 59 Team Franchise Wins - San Francisco Giants, 10,534 Team Single Season Wins - 2001 Seattle Mariners and 1906 Chicago Cubs, 116

Who won the ncaa national basketball championship?

Duke did, 61-59.

When is the last time that the Kentucky Wildcats missed the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

The last time the Kentucky Wildcats missed the NCAA Tournament was in 2013 under John Calipari. Record: 21-12 (12-6 SEC) They did however appear in post season play by making the NIT as a #1 seed; where they lost to Robert Morris a #8 seed in the First Round on March 19, 2013 by a score of 57-59.

How many games does a second place baseball team gain if the first place team loses and the second place team wins?

One. To determine how many games behind a team is from first place:1) Subtract the number of wins the team not in first place has from the number of wins the first place team has.2) Subtract the number of losses the first place team has from the number of losses the team not in first place has.3) Add the numbers you get from 1) and 2) and divide by 2.For Example:Team A has 61 wins and 35 lossesTeam B has 58 wins and 36 lossesUsing the explanation above you would do the following equasion:1) 61 - 58 = 32) 36 - 35 = 13) (3 + 1) / 2 = 2 .........Team B is 2 games behind Team AIf Team A loses and Team B wins:Team A has 61 wins and 36 lossesTeam B has 59 wins and 36 losses1) 61 - 59 = 22) 36 - 36 = 03) (2 + 0) / 2 = 1 ..........Team B is 1 game behind Team B

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