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Q: Which NCAA school had the most players on NFL rosters as of 2009?
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Which ncaa school has the most NFL players in 2009?

U of Miami....

Where can you find ncaa college football 2008-2009 team rosters?

Most all NCAA Football teams have official sites that list the rosters of current players as well as rosters from years prior. It is often easier and more efficient to visit larger websites that list the rosters for all of the teams collectively, such as

Which NCAA football conference has the most players on NFL rosters in 2010?


Does the NCAA limit the number of players on a basketball roster?

yes The NCAA allows 13 scholarship spots for basketball rosters.

What NCAA conference had the most players on NFL rosters in the past decade?

The big 10

What is the player limit of ncaa basketball rosters?

13 scholarship players but no limit on walk ons

Which NCAA school had the most players on NFL rosters as of 2004?

The University of Michigan had 45 active players on NFL rosters in 2004 The University of Miami had the most on opening day rosters for 2004. Here's a web page you can use to download an Excel file of rosters: Opening day roster belongs to Miami. But Florida and Notre Dame share for most active in 2004 at 40. I believe??

What NCAA school has the most players in the NBA today?


Can you transfer players from other school to your school on ncaa basketball?

They have to choose to transfer in NCAAB.

What NCAA school currently has the most NFL players in 2011?


What percentage of basketball players in high school make it to the ncaa?

.97 %

Can you make trades in NCAA football?

Definitely not. The NCAA is not a business- it is a school. Schools use their scholarships that they get to lure high school players to play for their team.

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