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Actually, unlike Baseball, where the pros accept players right out of highschool, the NFL is made-up of about 98% College Football players in modern times. The chances of making it to the pros in football is very slim unless you play for a college team. There are some exceptions and most of those players have never become famous or household names. So, the answer you require would contain a list of thousands of players. Maybe 4,000+ names. Too many to list here.

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Q: What former college football players are currently in Pro football?
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How many Boston College football players are currently in the NFL?

There are currently 26 former Boston College football players currently playing in the NFL. The most well-known of these may be Matt Ryan, quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

How many former University of Alabama Football players are currently in the NFL?


List the names of former LSU football players currently in the NFL?

Who cares they all suck

How many current players from USC are in the NFL now?

The University of Southern California Trojans has one of the most recognizable college football teams in the country. There are currently 53 former USC players in the NFL.

Former NFL players with sons in college football or the NFL?

Archie manning is all i can think of off the top of my head

What college has most NFL hall of fame?

Through the 2008 season, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame website, USC has 11 former players and Notre Dame has 10 former players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Click on the 'Pro Football Hall of Fame' link below to go to their site and see the Hall of Famers listed by college.

How many former Tennessee Volunteers football players play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, the Steelers have two players that attended the University of Tennessee. Offensive tackles Ramon Foster and Chris Scott.

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Who generally covers football on ESPN?

Depending on the type of football (professional or college), ESPN's announcers vary. The usual format includes game side reporters and then in studio commentators (who are usually former football players or coaches).

Former University of Tennessee football players?

JP Shellnutt when did he play on the University of Tennessee football team

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