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Easy... Wayne Rooney! -Will

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Q: Which Manchester united player has twice been awarded Goal of the Season?
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How many penalties awarded to Manchester united this season?


How many penalties have Manchester united fc been awarded this season?


How many penalties has referee mike riley awarded Manchester united?

Since the 1998-99 season Riley has awarded two penalties against Manchester United and 11 in their favour

Which team in BPL has been awarded most penalties in 2011-2012 season?

Manchester United

How many penalties have been awarded against Manchester United this season?

Man u can not progres again because of ojoro for england

Who is the best player at Manchester United?

The answer to this question would purely be based on opinion, many regard Christiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney as the best player at Manchester United, season of 2007 / 08.

How many penalties has Manchester united had in 2011-2012?

As of 15th of April 2012, Manchester United has had 11 penalties awarded to them in EPL

How many penalties were Manchester united awarded in the 2007 to 2008 season?

Loads especially at Old Trafford. Ferguson bribes the refs. Shut up does he Manchester United only get penalties when they are deserved, you have no proof that he bribes them. To answer your question it was 10.

Which team in the premier league has had most penalties awarded?

Manchester United

What sport did Cristino Ronaldo excell in?

Cristiano Ronaldo excells in soccer. He plays for Manchester United and Portugal. During club season he is on Manchester United, and for the World cup and international friendlies he is on Portugal. He was recently awarded the title "Best player in the world". He is the first Portugese player ever to join Manchester United. He is an attacking midfielder and sometimes forward. In his most recent club season 07-08, he played 17 games and had 13 goals. The season befor that he had 34 games and 17 goals. He is in his prime, and will only get better from now on.

Which player has scored 3 goals against Manchester united?

Dirk Kuyt scored his first ever hat-trick against Manchester United in the 2010/11 season.

Did real Madrid give there best player to Manchester united after munich crash?

No, Manchester United played the rest of the season with reserve and youth players. Real Madrid did not give any players to Manchester United. That is a very strange rumour

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