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The Seattle Mariners (the Pilots are now the Milwaukee Brewers)

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2009-07-20 22:24:37
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Q: Which Major League Baseball team is in Washington State?
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What Major League Baseball team is for the state of Delaware?

there is no major league team for that state

What state has no active major league baseball players?


What state has the most active players in Major League Baseball?


Where were 19 major league baseball players born?

Definately every state.

What state do the Cleveland Indians play in?

The Indians are a major league baseball franchise in Cleveland, in the state of Ohio.

Which states does not have baseball team Maine Michigan or Missouri?

Maine is the state out of it, Missouri and Michigan not having a Major League Baseball team. Michigan has one Major League Baseball team which is the Detroit Tigers of the American League Central Division. Missouri has two Major League Baseball teams, the St. Louis Cardinals which is in he Central Division of the National League and the Kansas City Royals which is in the Central Division of the American League.

Which state has 2 major league baseball teams in the same city?

Chicago & New York

Does Nashville have a major leaque baseball team?

No, there are no Major League teams anywhere in the state of Tennessee. Nashville does have a Double-A team, the Sounds.

What small town in new york state is home to the major league baseball hall of fame?


What state has more than one major league baseball team and is part of the corn belt?


What state has highest baseball attendance?

Probably California, with five Major League teams, more than any other state.

What sport teams come from Ohio?

The state's major professional sporting teams include: Cincinnati Reds (Major League Baseball), Cleveland Indians (Major League Baseball),Cincinnati Bengals (National Football League) Cleveland Browns (National Football League),Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association),Columbus Blue Jackets (National Hockey League),and the Columbus Crew (Major League Soccer)

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