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Q: Which MLS team does David Beckham play for?
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David Beckham plays soccer for what MLS team?

LA Galaxy

What league does David beckham play in?

Right now, David Beckham plays in the MLS league and the International league.

Who does david beckham play for today?

David Beckham plays in the MLS for the LA Galaxy, where he sucks it up on a daily basis.

Does David Beck ham play on the US soccer team?

Yes, he has a contract with an American team. David Beckham plays his club football with the MLS team LA Galaxy, but he does not play internationally for the USA. He is born in England and therefore represents England at international level.

What sport does David Beckam play?

David Beckham is a professional athlete that plays a sport called football around the world or in North America, soccer. He has recently retired from the MLS team L.A. Galaxy.

What league does David Beckham play for?

MlS (major league soccer. Club is LA galaxy Happy sex!

Will Cristiano Ronaldo follow David Beckham's footsteps and go into the MLS?


What league does David Beckem play in?

David Beckham is currently playing for AC Milan in the Italian Serie A. He will return to his club after his loan spell in LA Galaxy, of the American MLS.

Who is the highest paid player in the MLS?

david beckham is the highest paid player in the MLS he also earns millions from sponsors and advertising

What is David Beckhams team name?

David Beckham currently plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS and the England National Team. He has recently played for Italy's AC Milan during the Major League Soccer offseason.

Who is the most popular player in the MLS?

As of right now, I'm going to say David Beckham.

What soccer team is David Beckham on?

He plays for Los Angeles Galaxy, but is currently on loan in AC Milan. Because the MLS is on a break, and Becks wants to be in shape for the World Championship

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