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Q: Which MLB team hasn't won for the longest time a world series championship?
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Who has the longest MLB drought?

the Chicago cubs have the longest drought of a world series title with 102 years since they last won in 1908, In fact, they also hold the longest drought without a World Series appearance, not having won the NL pennant since 1945. Even had they won the 1945 World Series, they would still hold the longest active World Series championship drought, the second longest being since 1948 by the Cleveland Indians. There are several expansion teams that have never won a world series.

What is the longest looseing streak with out winning a chjampionship?

if you are talking about baseball then the cubs have gone the longest without a world series win. they have gone over 100 years without a championship.

What city has gone the longest since a sports championship?

The City of Cleveland has 3 professional sports teams and has not won a Championship since 1964 making them the city that has gone the longest without winning a Championship. The Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball are in the midst of a 102 year World Series Championship drought. (1908 was their last W.S. Title) The Cubs haven't even appeared in a World Series game since 1945. This is by far the longest individual drought in all of sports.

What is the longest time span for a player between World Series championships?

Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles holds the record among pitchers. He earned his first World Series championship in 1966 when he was 20 years old. His last World Series championship occurred 17 years later, when the Orioles won the 1983 Fall Classic.

What are the release dates for World's Championship Series - 1910?

World's Championship Series - 1910 was released on: USA: 28 October 1910

Which wrestler had the world heavyweight championship longest?

I think it was JBL.

Who held the world heavyweight championship the longest in the WWE?


What is the Longest current major league baseball championship drought?

As of the 2007 season: NL: The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908. AL: The Cleveland Indians last won a World Series in 1948.

Who held the world heavyweight championship the longest?

Dave the animal batista

What are the release dates for The World's Championship Baseball Series - 1915?

The World's Championship Baseball Series - 1915 was released on: USA: 15 November 1915

What MLB team has gone the longest without a world series championship?

The Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs have not won in 94 years. The last time they won was 1908.

Who won the last championship?

The Philadelphia Phillies captured the 2008 World Series Championship.

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