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The Red Sox took the record in 2008. They have allegedly sold out every game since 2003.

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My guess is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Q: Which MLB team has the most consecutive sell outs?
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Which d1 team is second in most consecutive sell outs in college football?


What team in baseball history has the most consecutive home sell out games?

The Boston Red Sox hold the record with 615 consecutive sellouts as of August 14, 2010.

Which team in the serie a has the most number of consecutive wins?

Internazionale is the team in the Serie A that has the most number of consecutive wins.

What college football team holds the record for most consecutive sell outs?

Nebraska Cornhuskers have the on-going record of 289 consecutive D-1 sell outs. This record dates back to the '60s. Tickets are sold out for the next several years as well. Going into the 2010 season: 1. Nebraska - 305 (started 1962) 2. Notre Dame - 213 (started 1973) 3. Florida - 130 (started 1989)

What team leads the league is sell outs in hockey?

my team

The most consecutive losses by the NY Mets?

The most consecutive losses in Mets history is 24 in 1899 at the time the team was called the Spiders and was the begining of the expansion team

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What team lost most consecutive Super bowls?


What team has the most consecutive penalty shootout wins?


What nba team has most consecutive losses?

Kansas City/Sacramento Kings - 15 (1983-1997 seasons)

What professional sports team had the most consecutive winning seasons?

Dallas Cowboys. 20 consecutive winning seasons.