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== == Well without a doubt, the ones who take the most steroids typically are the strongest for some strange coincidence, perhaps some argue that they are cheating, well let the pros decide. Bench press isn't all that important in the MLB as in other sports such as football. Batters and pitchers extensively workout their lower body to be able to achieve massive amounts of steghns to generate the force necessary to hit the ball or thrust a 100mph heater. Upper body is essential however especially for sluggers who relly on raw power to post a 450+ ft Homerun everytime at bat. My estimate is pitchers, petite outfielders, pinch runners, and other smaller players might be in the 200-300 range. Silver sluggers, Designated hitters, heavy lineup batters, perhaps in the 300-500 range. Umpires: they can bench a broom dipped in chrome for about 2 reps.

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Q: Which MLB player has the highest bench press?
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