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Johny Vander 1938

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Q: Which MLB pitcher threw 2 consecutive no-hitter games?
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What is the mets consecutive complete games record?

David Cone is the only Mets pitcher to pitch 3 consecutive complete game victories. Mike Pelfrey threw 2 in 2008

Who is the only major league pitcher to throw no hitters in two consecutive games?

Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds threw no hitters in consecutive starts in 1938. He no-hit the Boston Braves on June 11 and the Brooklyn Dodgers on June 15. He is the only MLB pitcher to throw no hitters in consecutive starts.

What is the record in MLB for a pitcher throwing consecutive strikes to start a game?

Bartolommeo Colon threw 38 consecutive strikes on April 18, 2012.

What MLB pitcher holds the record for most consecutive complete games?

In 1904, Jack Taylor of the Cubs set a major league record by pitching 39 consecutive complete games. Taylor actually threw 187 consecutive complete games between June 1901 and August 1906, but this streak was interrupted by 15 additional relief appearances. Thus Taylor appeared in 202 consecutive games without being relieved himself. Of course, this was in the 'dead ball' era.

What ny Yankee threw a nohitter?

Several Yankees pitchers have thrown no-hit games. Allie Reynolds threw two such gems during the 1951 season. Three Yankees have hurled perfect games -- Don Larsen (in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series), David Wells (during the 1998 season) and David Cone (during the 1999 season).

How many games did Freddy Garcia win in 1999?

Pitcher Freddy Garcia threw a club rookie record of 17 wins. ...

What mlb pitcher threw 2 no hitters in same day?

no pitcher threw two no hitters in one day you idiot, Peter means rock

Who threw the most consecutive completions without an interception for the Chargers?

Drew Brees

What is the Major League Baseball record for consecutive shutouts by one pitcher?

Don Drysdale, a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers between 1956-1969, holds the MLB record for consecutive shutouts with 6 between May 14, 1968 and June 4, 1968. He broke Walter Johnson's long standing record of consecutive shutout innings, passing Johnson's 56 innings by throwing 58 2/3 of his own. Orel Hershiser threw 59 consecutive shutout innings in 1988 and is the current MLB record holder.

Which pitcher has the most complete games in a single World Series?

Deacon Phillipe of the Pittsburgh Pirates threw 5 complete games in the 1903 World Series against the Boston Americans.

What is sentence for pitcher?

This pitcher has been in our family for three generations.

What MLB pitcher threw a no-hitter in 1999?

Jose Jimenez

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